CACN Email

Email Advice

For e-mail advice from CACN please contact us at advice @

There are confidentiality risks with all emails and if you are not familiar with security on the Web then you may find it useful to view the security section of our contact page which contains information on how to keep your web usage private. Please note the following when sending an enquiry.

  • Please ensure you include both your full name and your address
  • Please do not send any attachments as they may be blocked by our anti-virus system.
  • For security reasons we will only reply to the address of the sender, not to any other address.
  • As we currently receive a great many spam messages for each enquiry it is important that the subject line of your message is descriptive to avoid it being missed among the spam.
  • We aim to reply within three working days.

If you have not received a response within 5 working days then it is probable that your enquiry or our response has been lost somewhere in the system, so please re-send your message detailing when you sent your original message.

Important: The address advice @ is the only Macclesfield CAB address that can deal with e-mail enquiries. All other addresses for the service are only used for internal or non-advice related communications.