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We want to ensure that you have a really positive experience of using our advice services

Our Commitment To You


Citizens Advice Cheshire East will provide you with a confidential advice service.   This means we will not tell other people (even your family or friends) or other agencies about your visit or your issues without your permission. 


We will treat you fairly and respectfully. This means that we will not judge you or tell you what to do, nor will we treat one person more favourably than another.


Our trained advisers will give you their full attention and work hard to ensure that they provide a high quality service to you. Our work is regularly audited both internally and externally to ensure we consistently deliver a quality advice service. 


We try to give everyone one as much time as they need to tell us about their problem and get the advice they need. This means that you may have to wait before speaking to one of our advisers. 

What You Can Expect As A Client of Citizens Advice Cheshire East

Access To Our Services

You don’t need to book to use the telephone advice or email advice services.  Full details of our services are published on our website

Gathering Information

During your interview we’ll take notes about you and your enquiry.   We will ask your permission to store this information in our database, but you may remain anonymous if you wish.

Delivering Your Advice

If we can, we will try to help you get the information and advice you need when you first contact us.  At first we will be focused on making certain that we understand how we can help you.  Once we have done this and gathered all the information we need in order to advise you accurately, we will help you understand your options so you can make an informed decision about your next steps. It may be that you will need help from another adviser or another agency .  

Conflict of Interests

Very occasionally we are asked to help people who are in dispute with each other.   We will not help both parties because this creates a conflict of interest. If this situation arises we will signpost or refer one of the parties to another source of help.


We may need to see original copies of your documents, for example a tenancy agreement. We will give you back all your original paperwork.


During busy periods you may have to wait to get through to us on Adviceline, we do our best to provide adequate cover throughout the day. You can always use our Advice Form (see website for details) to email us about your problem and if you would prefer to talk to us, you can request a call from us. We aim to respond to email enquiries within 3 working days. 

Customer Satisfaction

We want to make sure that you receive a high quality service from us. We encourage feedback from you. Information about how to make a comment or a complaint is available at reception or from any of our team.

What We Ask Of You

Please behave in a way which is sensitive and respectful of the needs of other clients and our team. If your behaviour is disruptive we will discuss this with you and we may ask you to leave or terminate your call.

Changing An Arrangement You Have With Us

If you need to change an arrangement we have made with you please call our administration number: 01270 303003.